How does an FHA approved mortgagee obtain a letter from FHA verifying it is approved?

When FHA approves an application for FHA mortgagee approval, FHA provides notice via email and U.S. mail.  This notice includes the mortgagee’s assigned FHA Lender Identification Number (FHA Lender ID).

Neighborhood Watch may be used to look up a mortgagee by its legal name, DBA name or FHA Lender ID and verify the company’s FHA lender approval status.

Neighborhood Watch can be accessed at:

To look up a lender, please click on the “Details” link on the web page above and then select “Lender Details.”  The search results will provide the lender’s name, address, phone number, FHA lender ID number, current FHA lender status, other related information and any of its branches that are currently registered with FHA.

Handbook 4000.1 I.A.3.e is available at