How does the lender submit test cases for FHA review?

The lender must submit test cases to FHA for review during the test case phase. FHA will review these cases for compliance with FHA’s origination and underwriting requirements. The lender must submit all test case files to the Jurisdictional Homeownership Center (HOC) associated with their home office.

Pre-closing Submission

If the lender submitted the case binder before closing, the HOC will either issue a Firm Commitment (approval) or Firm Reject (denial). The lender may close and submit for insurance endorsement any mortgage that has received a Firm Commitment.

Post-closing Submission

If the lender first submitted the case binder to FHA after closing, the HOC will perform a test case review for compliance with FHA underwriting guidelines. The HOC will either insure the mortgage, or reject the mortgage and return it to the lender for correction. The lender must make any necessary corrections and provide any required documents to the HOC before the loan can be insured.

To locate the jurisdictional HOC, select the state the corporate office is in from the FHA Homeownership Centers web page at

Handbook 4000.1 I.A.1 is available at